20 June 2014
Château Angelus 2012: A remarkable bottle for a remarkable vintage!

In september 2012 Château Angelus was acclaimed by Saint-Emelion's new classifacation as a First Great Classified Growth A!

2012 is the property's first vintage to bear this distinction with the Boüard de Laforest family was keen to celebrate by creating a new style of bottle: a remarkable bottle for a remarkable vintage. With a black cap presenting te Boüard de Laforest family crest, the 2012 bottle has replace its traditional paper label with an imprint in embossed gold. The precious alloy adorns the glass, bestows its radiance and enchances the bell, the emblem of Angelus.

All of the 2012 harvest, currently maturing and to be deliveredin autumn 2014 will have these impressive bottles, available partly in a limited edition of large capacity bottles, raging from a Magnum tot an Imperial.

Château Angelus strives to achieve ever higher standards. Its constant aspiration is to be on a par withe the confidence of its connoisseurs and wishes to thank them with this remarkable bottle. 

Source: Château Angelus


Château Angelus 2012

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